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Who Do We Think We Are?

Frankly, we have no idea who we are. Sure, we have a name and an email for each member, but, for example, we have no real idea of how many of us are women. Or are under 40. Or 30. Are there children at home? Should our programming take note of that? Do all of us really live on the Upper West Side as is commonly assumed? Just kidding, but you see the point. 
The individual Board members all know some number of us, but almost nothing about our membership of 3,000 as a whole. And we’d like to change that.
So to serve you better we’ve created a Questionnaire, and we’d be really grateful if you’d take maybe ten minutes to fill it out. Most of the responses will be straightforward, objective, and mostly multiple choice. You’ll find the questionnaire here.
All of your responses will be confidential, but the aggregate data will be invaluable to us in setting the future direction of the Club. 
And to encourage all of you, ten (10) respondents will be randomly drawn to received a $50.00 certificate to Strictly Bicycles or its Manhattan counterpart.
Please lend a hand.
Whoever you are.
Your Board of Directors
cycling trips