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Newcomers' Ride to Rye Beach - 2015

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Sunday, June 7, 2015 - 9:00am


Ride Leaders Needed! Volunteer by emailing this year's Newcomers' Coordinator



Newcomers' Ride to Rye Beach - June 7

The New York Cycle club hosts some amazing events throughout the year, including our popular SIG series, our wonderful monthly meetings, our daily rides and fun socials... and the NYCC Newcomers' Ride.




This is an ALL-member ride. Come and join us in welcoming our new members, whether you are new or not new.

Our destination is Rye Beach in Westchester, with FREE lunch service!

All rides will be lead by experienced NYCC ride leaders.  Choose which group to join - we classify rides as A, B, C.

  • The A’s are experienced and faster riders and generally ride in a tighter rotating paceline
  • B’s cruise at a relaxed pace, approx 15-18 mph on flat terrain, and
  • C riders proceed steadily and leisurely at a 12-14 mph pace on flat terrain. There will be “pace” options to match different fitness levels throughout the groups. Choose your group conservatively.

The different groups are leaving from separate locations, please take note of the appropriate start point for your group.

(Are you wondering which group to join? Don't know your speed level? First ride with the club? Take a C-level ride!)

Please note: We REQUIRE that you bring the following for the ride:

  • A helmet
  • One (preferably two) filled water bottles
  • An extra tube, to fit your tires/wheels, and whatever tools you need to change and inflate a new tube
    (You don't need to know how to fix a flat, but you do need that spare tube)

ALSO: No headphones, earbuds or aerobars are allowed on NYCC rides.

We will have lunch and a short program at the Rye Beach pavilion. You can participate in the club lunch package at the pavilion for free (sandwiches, wraps, pizza), or you can obtain/bring your own lunch.

Welcome Newcomers! We hope you'll join us!


Newcomers' Ride to Rye Beach - 2015
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