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Is the Serotta Forum dead?  I'm a few months away from getting my degree in dentistry and ready to pull the trigger on a new steed but I can't find the forum I once loved so much.

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Shot itself in the foot.

As I understand it, Richard Sachs had a lively sub-group going there and was actively sharing the wealth by inviting new frame builders to come out, as it were. Ben Serotta took umbrage at this and kicked them all out, so Sachs started Velocipedesalon.com, where he continues to invite new frame builders, and a whole lot else. 

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The original forum is still

The original forum is still alive at thepaceline.net

I'm both there and on the salon.  Prefer the salon, but paceline has higher traffic and better classifieds.  Both are good fora.

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thepaceline.net seems to be under construction

Anybody know how long that's been the case?


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correct URL:
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