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Hi all,

My apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere in the forum. I couldn't find the answer, so I figured I would ask. If it has already been addressed, please feel free to point me to the post.

I am going to be riding to Bear Mtn and back on Saturday, and want to start on the NJ side of the GWB to cut out 30 junk miles (from Queens).  I know that parking is no longer allowed on Hudson Terrace, so where is a good place to park? Any suggestions within about 1-5 miles is fine. Is there a common practice now that the Hudson Terrace is off limits?

Thanks in advance.


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follow Hudson Terrace north a

follow Hudson Terrace north to a little less than a mile north of Strictly Bicycles to the bottom of the little valley and make a right onto Allison Park Road (look for the blue sign that says St. Peters University, not sure if the street is named).  Continue on Allison Park Road by making another quick right and a few hundred yards up you will see a big free public parking lot on your left overlooking the Hudson River.


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