Good ride from a CT Train Station to Weston, CT?

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I am going to a family event in Weston, CT on Sat and was hoping to do an appx. 50 mi ride from a Metro-North train station to Weston.

Not knowing CT all that well, I could not find anything that I thought would be close in the ride library.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Robert Shay (not verified)
NYC Boathouse to Weston Township is ~ 54 miles...

Why not ride from the city. Nice route is up through White Plains, up route 22, through Bedford Hills (rest), up route 121, up route 35, down into Weston.

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carl (not verified)

Ron - The short route would be to get off at Westport and ride north on Rte 136: Saugatuck Ave, cross the bridge, and left on Compo (though I wouldn't miss the nice shoreline loop around Compo Beach). Follow 136 across the Post Rd (US 1) and then take Rte 57 North to Weston (one notable climb).

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