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I am looking for a utility that can take as input a .tcx file from a Garmin GPS and output something in the nature of a cue sheet. Any ideas?

Ferrous Fiend

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Dennis Wiener (not verified)

These are the files exported from garmin fitness devices like the edge and forerunner series. If you have any of the garmin mapping products you should be able to import the tracks directly from the device. You could then manually add waypoints and generate a route with directions which would then be your cue sheet. If you have a motion based account, upload it to there and export it as a gpx file. This is a format that can be used by most mapping programs to generate route information.

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Ira (not verified)
Cue Sheet Creator

I found that does a decent job creating turn-by-turn cue sheets. It doesn't seem to be able to take an uploaded file and create a cue from the data, but it might be an easier approach that adding waypoints manually without a map

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

I went to on my office computer and started plotting out a route that I'd done. It was working great, then it stopped setting points.

Then at home the map does not show up at all, in either Firefox or Safari.

I use Macs. OS X Leopard at work and Tiger at home. Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions?

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Skip (not verified)

"You need to have the latest version of Java installed. Sometimes when BikeRouteToaster freezes it will resume if you wait a couple of minutes.

I've created routes using BikeRouteToaster, converted the GPX file to a CRS file using GPX2CRS which can be found here , then imported the course to my Garmin using Training Center."

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

I clicked your link and a few clicks later it referred me to Apple. I checked software update and my OS, Tiger) is as up to date as it gets. I guess I'll have to switch to Leopard if I want to use bikeroutetoaster.

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Betsy Hafkin (not verified)

I haven't had much luck with Bikeroutetoaster either. The last time I plotted something the mileage was way off.

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