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Got word via email that CT's Sound Cyclists will have their annual Bloomin' Metric for 2013 on a new date--Sunday June 3 at Sherwood Island Park, instead of usual 3rd Sun. in May.

Hope it doesn't conflict with TA's Tour de Brooklyn (possible same date.)


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Conflict with Bike Boat Bike

The SBRA's Bike Boat Bike is on the first Sunday of June.

The Bloomin' usually had a conflict with The Montauk Century which was held on the same date.


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Thanks Pat for the heads up

Yes, Bloomin' Metric also had the same third Sunday in May like the 5BBC Montauk Century.

But every five years, there would be an additional Sunday in May, going for two years (last time, 2011 & 2012. Next time would be 2017). That meant Bloomin' would go the Sunday after Montauk. However, Gran Fondo NY is also on the third Sunday in May.

The Suffolk Bicycle Riders Association (SBRA), organizers of Bike-Boat-Bike, has no current info for their 2013 date.


PS For the record, this is the email I received from Sound Cyclists, dated Oct. 24 (?), although I got this sometime on Mon.:

Hello Fellow Cyclists:

Everyone has noticed the temperatures dropping and the sunlight fading. It can mean only one thing. The 2013 Bloomin' Metric is just around the corner!!

Mark your calendars now, this year the Bloomin' Metric will take place on Sunday, June 2nd 2013 at 7am at Sherwood Island State Park.

Last year's event was a complete sellout and registration for the 2013 Bloomin' will be opening in January 2013.

Stay tuned. we will have additional details coming soon.
Until then, please ride safely....

"See you at the Bloomin' "
Bill Meredith

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