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Jan 2017: Please note: At this time, the Champion website is down and ordering is on hold. We are working with them to bring it up. We will update the page as new information comes in.


Leading a ride or joining the Escape New York Committee or rising to the rank of SIG or STS Captain all may be their own reward, but taking on these volunteer jobs pays off in Club gear!

Point(s) Earned   Volunteer Role
12   SIG & STS Overall Coordinators
12   Weekend Event Coordinator (West Point, Berkshires)
6   Metro North-LIRR-NJ Bike-Train Coordinator
3   Day-Weekend Event Rides Coordinator (West Point, Berkshires, All Class, etc.)
1   Lead a "cue sheet" ride
1   Day Volunteer (serve food at an all-day event, Newcomers, All Class, etc.)
0.5   Lead Training laps
0.5   Half Day Volunteer (volunteer at a table, a Membership Meeting or equivalent event)

Trade your points in for NYCC Club gear.



Points   Gear
24   Jacket or Bib Shorts
18   Vest or Shorts
14   Jersey
12   Arm Warmers
8   Cap
6   Socks


If you have questions, contact our Incentives Coordinator.

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