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of Terrain

Total Feet

    Main Climbs with Description



Flat and Rolling


    Mostly flat with two short
    moderate climbs
    And several gentle climbs






Flat and Rolling


    Mostly flat with three short
    moderate climbs
    And several gentle climbs






Rolling Hills


    Rolling terrain with several
    moderate climbs and a few
    gentle climbs






Moderately Hilly


    A few steep climbs with several
    moderate climbs





Note: Climbing data as reported by riders using Garmin GPS devices



100-Mile Century Challenge

The 100-mile route takes you across the George Washington Bridge with stunning views of the Hudson River, in a westerly direction through the quiet roads of Bergen County towards Saddle River. Following a rest stop at mile 25, the route climbs towards Rockland, New York, while skirting Harriman State Park. Enjoy water views descending towards Stony Point and Haverstraw then head towards a visit to Rockland Lake Park for a well-deserved rest at mile 60. The return trip starts when you leave the park grounds and ride through Congers and West Nyack and fall back to the coastal town of Piermont for a last rest stop at mile 80. Then a final jaunt through the scenic roads of Demarest and Tenafly concludes the route with another crossing of the George Washington Bridge and the short hop to the celebration festival at Sakura Park.

65-Mile Rockland Roll

The 65-mile route incorporates the best parts of itineraries NYCC members enjoy in their Club rides with a twist. It will give you the opportunity to cross the George Washington Bridge and ride towards Hudson River coastal town of Piermont traveling through the shaded and quiet back roads of Bergen County. After a brief rest stop following the 22-mile leg, you will continue through the rolling terrain in Orangeburg and Congers and reach Rockland Lake Park at mile 35 for some rest and replenishment. Rockland Lake Park represents the turning point of the ride where you will continue inland, passing through West Nyack on to Tappan on a long stretch that lends itself to cooperative riding. After a final rest stop at mile 55 in Tenafly you will head back through Englewood towards the George Washington Bridge and the party at Sakura Park.

50-Mile Piermont Pleasures

The 50-mile route travels through Bergen County on peaceful back roads on a primarily flat, cyclist friendly itinerary to the Hudson River coastal town of Piermont in Rockland County and back. It veers west passing through the fully paved Orangeburg Bike Trail, around the reservoirs of Tappan, to Tenafly and back across the George Washington Bridge. With rest stops at mile 20 and 40, it is a perfect ride for a short sightseeing tour of the area, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the festivities at the finish line at Sakura Park.

25-Mile Bergen Spin

The 25-mile route follows many of the same roads that the other routes travel. The route will cross the George Washington Bridge, and will wind through the leafy suburbs of Bergen County. The rest stop is at mile 16 in Tenafly, after which the route climbs back to George Washington Bridge, and then back to Manhattan. The route is mostly flat, with two short moderate climbs.  The festival will be in full swing on your return to the park, offering lunch, music and much more. 


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