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Name Region Name(s) Distance Difficulty Ratingsort icon Level(s)
Central Park New York City 6.1 1 out of 5
City Hall to Prospect Park * New York City 5 1 out of 5 C
Manhattan to Manhattan Beach * New York City 33 1 out of 5 B, C
Staten Island New York City 39 1 out of 5 B, C
New Jersey Waterfront New Jersey/Rockland County 30 1 out of 5 B, C
Ridgewood & Radburn New Jersey/Rockland County 42 1 out of 5 B
Harriman SP: Hill after Hill from Garrison
Hudson Highlands
New Jersey/Rockland County
85 1 out of 5 A
West Side Greenway @ Dyckman- VC Park/Old Put connector
Getting out of NYC
New York City
3 1 out of 5 C
Long Beach/Point Lookout New York City 66 1 out of 5 B
Counterclockwise Perimeter Circuit of Manhattan Island New York City 31 1 out of 5 C
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