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Covid-19 Guidelines for Outside Groups Rides


Updated Jan 5, 2022

1. Do not participate in any NYCC ride if you are feeling ill—and certainly if you have recently tested positive for Covid-19.

2. Wear a properly fitted mask when indoors, especially on public transit and when required by local regulations. N95, KN95, KF94 (or equivalent) masks are preferred. 

3. Indoor dining is deemed to be high risk. 

- Leaders are encouraged to develop rides that do not include indoor dining.

- Ride descriptions must indicate if indoor dining is included during the ride. 

- Do not register for a ride that includes indoor dining unless you (a) accept the risk—see link to ride waiver below, or (b) plan to leave the ride early, or (c) are willing to wait outdoors.

4. Leaders may require proof of vaccination and/or current test results. This requirement will be stated in ride listings and emails to participants.

5. Be aware of current CDC guidance and local conditions

6. As always, leaders have the right to ask any rider to leave the ride when rules are not followed.

The Participant has read and understands all of the above and will abide by all of the terms and conditions of the ride waiver and the supplemental guidelines for group riding.


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