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The 2016 Board of Directors - Candidate Statements


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Christy Guzzetta - Candidate for President of the NYCC

“Provide bicycling activities for the enjoyment of the members and the furtherance of bicycling as a means of recreation, companionship, fitness, and transportation.”  This great mission is stated in our bylaws.  How could I ever do better than that?

Within that statement, my # 1 priority will be “provide bicycling activities for the enjoyment of the members, #2 “the furtherance of bicycling as a means of companionship”.   In other words, making friends and having fun on our bike.  Certainly, we are grateful to Neile and the current board for keeping us on solid financial ground. Our fellow members deserve that, it is the least we can do for them.  Make no mistake, no one gets promoted doing the least they can do - they get promoted for going beyond, for exceeding expectations.  

The “State of the Club, 2015” Neile shared October 13th reported ride count down; ENY attendance down almost 50%, the ENY committee experienced a 100% turnover.   We were told the July 4th Weekend was a tremendous success – but not told only 40 or so members attended. Not told it really wasn’t an all Class Club weekend after all, there was not one ‘A’ ride listed, not even enough listed rides to accommodate members who did attend.  Our President had heard the July 4th 1999 weekend was too expensive.  I attended that weekend; about 150 ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ riders participated on that All Class Club weekend.   We had fun together, dined together, partied the weekend together, made new friends.  The “State of the Club, 2015” said attendance at monthly meetings was down because meetings “have long been the Club's mechanism to coordinate rides, vote and otherwise transact Club business.  Now we accomplish those tasks electronically and programs must stand on their own to attract attendees”. “Now” it’s done electronically?  These tasks have been done electronically for about 20 years

Our President suggested these dismal results were the product of a tough winter.  I don’t think so.  Rather, I believe those results were due to a weakening of our community.  The NYCC’s sense of community has always been special.  

The joy of giving had always been so rich, so wonderful, we just couldn’t help ourselves.  We led a ride, took part in the organization of a weekend, volunteered for ENY because of the joy we got bringing smiles to our members. Our culture has grown rigid, so “right”, intolerant, unforgiving . . . so “NO” it discourages volunteering.  If elected President, I will reintroduce “YES” to our vocabulary.  Have an idea?  I won’t say “NO”.  Rather, I will say “What can we do to help?”  Want to come on my ride and it’s “full”, I won’t say “NO”, I will say “let me see what we can figure out”.  I love “YES”.  

If you are satisfied with our club, if you feel this is the best we can do, vote for Neile.  But, if you want to take a shot and go for the roses, vote for Christy.

Neile Weissman - Candidate for President of the NYCC


I have been NYCC President since January, 2014.  Leading up to that, I've led 50 rides per years since 2007, including two years as B-SIG leader.

Before NYCC, I created and managed a $12 million computer sales team. Before that, I worked in theater on more than 400 shows before forming my own not-for-profit company. (Neile Weissman - Linkedin)

In all, I've participated in countless collaborative efforts.  And, on my watch as President, the Board and volunteers have had an incredibly productive two years.  


A new Incentives Program that's simple to administer, has no overhead and is way more convenient for leaders and volunteers to pickup and order.

Upgraded the position of Merchandise Manager to Volunteer Coordinator.

Substantially refurbished the Club Bylaws.

An all-new July 4th at New Paltz, for half the cost of West Point, and which affords great route options for A/B/C riders.

Assembled a coalition of 20 bike groups to support safe cycling in Central Park.

Upgraded capacity and predictability of group reservations on Metro North which vastly simplifies bookings for SIG/STS and other large rides.

As a result of diligent cost control, raised cash reserves from $40K to $90K.


For the coming year, here's some of the new stuff planned:

The SIGs are critical to attracting new members; imparting requisite group and bike handling skills; setting expectations for membership.  For 2016, we will work with the SIG Captains to:

- Promote SIG registration through local bike shops.

- Integrate SIG curriculum into "All-Class" Member Meetings.  Nutrition in March.  Cyclists' First Aid in April.  Habituate Siggies into attending monthly meetings.

- Further set expectations that Siggies lead and volunteer: "Everyone takes a pull". 

- Perform a post-SIG survey of all registrants, to create a mechanism for feedback and a baseline for improvement.

Programs - Work with VP Programs to open meetings to non-members and leverage the reach of co-sponsors to raise the visibility of the Club.

July 4th - Build on New Paltz, 2015 with better breakfasts, off-campus housing and more routes and leaders.

Advocacy - Expand group access on LIRR.  Continue the advocacy to widen the GWB.

Earning Your Vote

As my predecessors have discovered, the job can consume 50 hours per week.

The work is incredibly challenging and humbles me everyday.  But if you would honor me with your vote, I promise to give it my all for another year.

Thank you.

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