A19-SIG Details

A-19 SIG Details

The 2011 A-19 SIG

The A-19 SIG is a 12-ride series designed to remove the mystique from becoming an “A” rider. Your ride leaders are dedicated to helping you achieve a new level of cycling ability.
This is done gradually, taking you from a 40-mile jaunt into New Jersey all the way to a 100-mile century ride featuring three classic climbs. Along the way, you’ll pick up new skills in group riding, climbing techniques, and paceline riding, all while bringing yourself to peak physical condition. You not only come away with new skills, you’ll make new friends too!
The A-19 SIG leaders bring a wealth of cycling knowledge and experience to the plate. All participants are expected to listen and accept coaching and constructive criticism from the leaders. Through the entire series, the leaders will give suggestions on safety, bike fit, bike handling and training techniques. They will also make suggestions on organizing and leading Club rides.
At the end of the SIG, each participant is expected to give back to the Club and lead at least one Club ride in 2011.
The A-19 SIG begins on Saturday, March 5th and ends on Saturday, May 21st.
We ride every Saturday, with Sundays as a rain date. Early in the season, when the rides are shorter, you may get home early. However, as the length of the rides increase, we may not get home until very late in the afternoon. Remember, that flats and other mechanical issues on the ride will delay us even further. Basically, we own your Saturdays. Rest assured however, the investment is well worth it.
Online registration begins on February 1st. You must be a member of the New York Cycle Club in order to register for the SIG. The A-19 SIG is a very popular program and space is limited. We will make every effort to accommodate as many as we can, but we recommend that you register as soon as you are able.



NYCC Membership

All participants must be members of the New York Cycle Club. In addition, each participant must lead one NYCC ride in 2011 and also take our A-19 SIG First Aid course.


There still is no such thing as a free lunch. We expect all participants to take this program very seriously. From the first ride on March 5th (see ride listings and posting for time and place of introductory session) to the graduation ride 11 weeks later, we own the first part of your Saturdays. 

You should attend all sessions. We expect you to be self-motivated and to train several times a week on your own or in small groups. No one with more than two unexcused absences will be permitted to continue.

More Details

Sound a lot like the A-Classic SIG?

Well it should. The leaders of the A-19 SIG are either seasoned A-Classic SIG leaders, graduates of one of the SIG programs or bike racers. Both A-SIGs are coordinated with each other and there is an opportunity to change groups during the first few weeks if you feel you made the wrong choice at the outset. The main difference between the two programs is the target cruising speed.

For the A-19 SIG, we aim to achieve a target flat-terrain cruising speed of 19 mph during the last few weeks of the program. The venerable A-Classic SIG graduates are expected to cruise a bit faster.


Rider and group safety are the focal points of this program at all times. You will become comfortably expert at riding single and double rotating pacelines, hill climbing, shifting, braking, and communicating while riding. You will:

  • *  Feel a oneness with your bicycle!
  • *  Learn how to train, eat, dress and prepare for cycling success.
  • *  Become familiar with the essentials of bike maintenance.
  • *  Learn what to do in case of a crash or injury on the road.

Your leaders will make you ready to enter the cycling season as a capable cyclist, ride leader, and an enthusiastic supporter of NYCC.

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