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2024 A-STS: Spring Training Series for A-riders

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  • 2024 A-STS: Spring Training Series for A-riders
Monday, April 1, 2024 - 8:00pm

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No advance registration is required to participate in the A-STS series but you must be a NYCC member to participate. Please sign up for individual rides in the Upcoming Rides section of the website.

The A-STS is a storied program within the club that provides A-Level Riders a training series to aid in laying the foundation for the upcoming season. 

In this series, all A Leveled Riders with the requisite skill and riding experience to contribute in a smooth operating paceline are welcome to participate.

The A-STS series will be scheduled in concert with other club series and will run for 10 consecutive weeks starting the first weekend in April. Rides will get progressively more challenging – more distance, greater climbing, faster pace - as the weeks continue.

Rides will be scheduled for Saturdays, and Sundays will be held for washouts or postponements.  You can find the rides listed on the NYCC rides listing page here.

Unlike the SIG program, there is no attendance commitment throughout the series and the rides are considered ‘OPEN’ for participants to come and go as you please on a week-to-week basis.  However as with all listed A rides, these rides will proceed with the knowledge that they are full drop.

Participants will be divided into separate groups led by individual leaders who will organize by intended speed. Speeds will be classified as MPH on flat terrain (A19, A20, A21 etc.). For further info, see NYCC lap time assessment at

Each group will set off with the goal of working together in a cooperative paceline, however ride pace and structure will not be modified for riders having an off day.  That said, camaraderie is encouraged, and rides will regroup regularly as needed, such as at the tops of noted climbs. The goal is to have fun while working collaboratively to push ourselves and gain fitness for the upcoming season.

Routes will be finalized ahead of the program, but the general progression of the series will follow the below structure:

New to this season of the STS will be a greater focus toward training and fitness, as opposed to adventure and exploration. This means that some rides within the series will revisit similar roads, however we know that at the conclusion of the program participants should be confident to conquer any challenging ride thrown at them.


Most rides will conclude with celebratory drinks and food at organized locations where we can share stories and victories from the ride that day. 

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2024 A-STS: Spring Training Series for A-riders
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