Monica Miller and Peter Storey, November Volunteers of the Month

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Our club is still basking in the joy of this year’s Escape New York. What an event, the best ever.  The routes, the rest stops, the food, the fun and energy at Sakura Park.  It was a grand slam home run.

Every nominee for Volunteer of the Month was a significant contributor to ENY.   It’s a shame we couldn’t give out 219 awards – I seem to recall that’s how many volunteers took part.  Each contributor, it wouldn’t have been the same if that one person did not take part.  The Escape New York Volunteer Team – each and every one of you - you were nothing short of fantastic.

For the first time since we have been awarding a Volunteer of the Month, there was a tie.  It feels as though it’s not fair to give this award to only 2 people when 219 gave so much. But. . ..

Peter Storey, you are a star!  Every time I arrived at my designated post, Peter was already there.  When I said good bye before going home, I said good bye to Peter who remained behind to do even more.  Whether it was insuring we had the necessary permits, creating SAG support, renting vans, being sure the rest stops had their food, being sure we had the right supplies, working with the rest stop captains – Peter Storey was there in the middle; planning, strategizing, organizing, managing, doing.   Peter, you are a worthy winner of this month’s Volunteer of the Month.

Linda and I, as ENY drew near, talked more and more and more.  In every conversation, Linda said, “We couldn’t have done this without her, couldn’t have been successful without her, I would have quit without her, she’s the reason for our success”.  That person, the “her” in those conversations, is Monica Miller.  To say Monica was second in command would be to diminish her role.  Everything - that was her job, everything.  Everything ENY was Monica Miller’s   job.  And she did it exceedingly well.

We are so lucky to have Monica Miller and Peter Storey amongst our membership.  Every volunteer deserves acclaim.  The club is ever so thankful for all you have done for us, for everyone who participated in ENY, for everyone in our city – NYCC volunteers made it the success it was.

Monica Miller, Peter Storey, you are shining stars among stars.

Thank you. 


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