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Volunteer of the Month . . . .

Paying it forward. . . . .the giving culture of our club  -  of our members.   Our members pay it forward, volunteer, give of themselves and in so doing, foster that wonderful culture.

We love volunteers – whether it’s at the annual “Volunteer Dinner Party”, whether it’s at the Monthly Club Meeting when the Volunteer of the Month is celebrated, whenever there is an opportunity to thank a volunteer, we jump on it.  Our club is what it is because of our volunteers.  We are so grateful.   

Some people’s contributions are quiet, they are not blasted on Broadway – these are the unsung heroes and heroines of our club.  They make things happen for us, they pay it forward.  Many of the 200+ volunteers for ENY are like that – they just give of themselves without fanfare.  Some board members, some ride leaders, some members, they pay it forward, they do it simply to bring joy to our members.

Like the banners we have enjoyed on our website for the past 5 or 6 years.  These banners do so much more than be pretty.  They bring to life the many events we have.  The All Class Club ride, for instance.  The Three Club Ride.  Memorial Day in the Berkshires.  Those banners make these events sing, they shout out the fun and comradery and cycling joy of our Club.  I see these banners and want to sign up and join my fellow members in the fun. 

For the past 6 years, notice of Club events have been announced, dressed up, brought to life by beautiful banners. These have been created by Cathline Marshall, one of the unsung heroines of the Club.  No longer is she “unsung” – we celebrate her contribution, her hard work, her dedication to the events we put on.

It is why Cathline is our Volunteer of the Month.  She received a beautiful award at our November Club meeting.


Thank you, Cathline.



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