Jim Finder, June Volunteer of the Month

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Memorial Day Weekend in the Berkshire Mountains, a wonderful NYCC tradition for over 30 years. What a production! There’s train rides from the City north – then bike rides from the various train stations to where we’ll be staying. Making all those arrangements with Metro North. A, B, and C ride leaders for the rides from the train stations; routes; offering/coordinating helpful ideas regarding luggage. Simply getting 100+ Club members to the Berks is a heroic effort.
But there’s more. Where’s everyone going to stay? It’s a holiday weekend, better make plans early. Wonderful Bed and Breakfasts in Sheffield, Ashley Falls, Egremont, Great Barrington, etc. – a list has to be compiled and made available for our members to pick and choose. Whoa, what a project.
Then rides, we do ride our bikes after all! A rides, B rides, C rides. Bash Bish, Greylock, Cakewalk; need leaders, routes, cue sheets. Saturday, Sunday, Monday – lots of rides, lots of people.
The All Class Club dinner for 100+ people – find a place, order the food, make it happen.
This is a weekend that has brought joy and happiness to NYCC members for years and years. That’s the only reason why it happens, for our members’ happiness. It is a project, a monster undertaking. And this year, this 2017, 100+ members of our Club would not have had this wondrous experience if not for the efforts of one member;
Jim Finder, our Volunteer of the Month.
He received a beautiful inscribed plaque at our June membership meeting in recognition for his hard work on our behalf.
Jim, you are a star.
Thank you
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