What is an STS?

The Spring Training Series (STS) are early-season rides for experienced cyclists who want to enhance their riding skills and improve their strength and endurance through a graduated training program.

The STS rides offer no instruction. They are simply rides that offer the camaraderie and friendly support of like-minded riders in a series of organized group rides.

STS Groups

In 2013, the NYCC will offer the following Spring Training Series: A-STS, B-STS and C-STS.

Clicking the letter below of the STS you are interested in joining, will  will give you details on the expectations of that STS. Leaders of the STS series may turn away riders that they find lack skills and/or pose a threat to the safety of the group.

For those considering joining the A-STS, it is highly recommended that you read NYCC's guidelines on Pacelines.




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