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March Club Meeting

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 6:00pm

A presentation by David Lipscomb, CIS Training Systems, sponsored by Science in Sport  


EventA presentation by David Lipscomb, CIS Training Systems, sponsored by Science in Sport.
Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Location: Connolly’s Bar & Restaurant, 121 West 45th St. (3rd fl.) (bet. 6th Ave. & Broadway)


6:00PM - dine, drink and schmooze
7:00PM – program
8:15PM - raffle


A presentation by David Lipscomb, CIS Training Systems, sponsored by Science in Sport (supplier of nutritional supplements to Team Sky)

The time you spend on your bike is very important to you. We all want to improve our cycling skills and performance, but understanding the best way to do that can be a daunting, sometimes confusing and challenging task, especially with innumerable methods of training, both indoors and outdoors, from which to choose. NYCC is committed to helping you make these important decisions to become a better cyclist.

Come experience an open dialog and evening chat with Coach David Lipscomb of CIS Training Systems, as he will share with you the 6 principles on how to improve your cycling and achieve your goals for 2018 and beyond, at our March monthly meeting. 






DAVID A. LIPSCOMB is Founder and Head Coach at CIS Training Systems Cycling Program (

Founded in 2006, CIS Training Systems, LLC., based in New York City is a global cycling program with a primary focus to create effective training and development coaching in all its forms at the individual and group level designed to drive performance through personal and professional development. 

It has been my desire to create a world-class training system of breaking down individual barriers that impede high performance.  Every program offered at CIS Training Systems has a clear purpose of not just having our clients go through the motions; as we work towards creating new and sustainable training behaviors that go far beyond the bike.

We call it a total transformation of Mind, Body and Spirit - (Inner Strength) 

My program, passion and coaching style is Energizing, Effective and Efficient that gives clients the power to focus their time and attention toward achieving outstanding results. It is my understanding that as a coach and mentor, I exist for the sole purpose of helping my clients break down mental barriers, increase productivity and surpass individual limitations.

With over 25 years of cycling development, training/racing and 20+ years of Martial Arts experience, as well as, 10 plus years of Leadership and Development, I understand what it takes to create a healthy balance between work, life and training.

The Meeting is Sponsored by

Science in Sport is a leading sports nutrition company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative sports nutrition products for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. Science In Sport was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in London. Our manufacturing facility is in Nelson, Lancashire.

 Science In Sport has three core product ranges:

  • SiS GO: comprising of energy powders, isotonic energy gels, energy bars and hydration tablets
  • SiS REGO: the complete recovery product
  • SiS PROTEIN: includes whey protein, Advanced Isolate, Overnight Protein and the biggest innovation in protein in years - WHEY20.

 Science In Sport products are sold in a range of retail channels, including Amazon, Competitive Cyclist as well as at and select local retailers.

 Science In Sport has been supplying elite, regularly tested athletes, national and professional teams for more than 15 years. Science In Sport is a strong brand in the elite athlete community - in the 2012 London Olympics, 24 medal-winning athletes or teams used Science In Sport products and in Rio 2016 another 34 medals were fueled by Science In Sport. We also fueled Team Sky to victory in the 2016 and 2017 Tour de France.

 The range of products are researched and developed by sports scientists in conjunction with international athletes. This scientific research underpins everything Science In Sport does to ensure that all products meet the exacting standards of Informed Sport. This means that everything Science In Sport does and every personal best you achieve with Science In Sport, is FUELED BY SCIENCE.

All products are tested over and over again with different athletes and consumers. This is done to ensure Science In Sport provides you with the right range of products with the best possible ingredients for your needs - so that you can focus on performing to the best of your ability.

That’s Science In Sport promise - the best science to deliver the best products and the best advice for your sports nutrition.

 USA Cycling Partnership

Science In Sport is the official nutrition partner of USA Cycling. The formation of a partnership with USA cycling was a key part of the international strategy for Science In Sport. In the official supplier capacity, Science In Sport provides a range of award-winning sports-nutrition to athletes across the organization and benefit from the feedback of USA cycling's elite, to again further our innovation and product development.

Raffle Prizes

3 - Essential Energy Packs: Never lose energy or focus with our Essential Energy Pack including a variety of our best-selling GO Isotonic Energy Gels and GO Energy Bars. Bundle contains:
        ·         GO Isotonic Energy Gel Variety Pack
·         GO Energy Bar Variety Pack


 3 - Mixed Gel Bundle: The Mixed Gel Bundle Contains:
·         1 x GO Isotonic Energy Gel 6 Pack
·         1 x GO Energy + Caffeine Gel 6 Pack
·         1 x GO Energy + Electrolyte Gel 6 Pack
 4  - GO Electrolyte Mix Jugs:
·         Contains carbohydrates and electrolytes to promote optimal hydration
·         Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium
·         Ideal for longer sessions when energy stores drop and sweat rate rises
1 - Energy Bundle Pack: GO products to hit your energy requirement and perform at your best!
·         3 x GO Isotonic Energy Gel 6 Pack
·         1 x GO Energy + Caffeine Gel 6 Pack
·         1 Science In Sport bottle

  The premium/featured prize will be:

 Complete Training Pack
 This pack contains everything you might require to fuel those extra miles complete with products for before, during and after training! Includes:
·         REGO Rapid Recovery 500g
·         GO Electrolyte 500g
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·         GO Hydro Tube
·         800ml Pro Yellow Bottle
Although the cycling community is welcome to attend our meetings, only NYCC members are eligible to participate in our free raffle

Connolly’s/NYCC Beer Happy Hour

Connolly’s/NYCC Beer Happy Hour will include the following beers for the entire duration of our meeting (6:00 - 9:00 PM) and will be available for purchase at the discounted price of $6.00 :

Bass Ale  ·  Sam Adams  ·  Connolly’s Red or Wheat  ·  Yuengling


March Club Meeting
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