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Covid-19 Cancellations

Updated: April 14th, 2020
Starting Wednesay April 15th, will are going to re-open the ride sign-up system for virtual rides (Zwift, TrainerRoad, Peloton Digital, Rouvy, etc.) and similar on your trainer rides.  We had tried this earlier in the year — before the pandemic — but had few takers.  But things are different now.
To list a virtual ride, just proceed as you normally would, but select "Virtual" from the Ride Type Dropdown list on the form.  This will trigger a notification to the relevant Ride Coordinator, who will confirm that the ride is in fact a virtual ride and approce it. At that point, members will be free to sign up, just like as with outdoor rides.  Please be sure to include in your ride listing any information, links, credentials, etc necessary for participants to join the ride.
And that's it. I look forward to seeing you on the rode, er, net!
Original Posting: March 19th, 2020
It will come as no surprise, that the New York Cycle Club’s Board of Directors has decided to CANCEL all Club-sponsored activities for the next eight weeks. This cancellation includes all SIGs, STSs, Club rides, laps-in-the-park training rides, social events, and Club meetings.  We will reassess the situation as needed, and adjust our approach based on current conditions on an ongoing basis.  If things get better sooner, we can resume activities. If public health still indicates a need to continue suspension of activities, we will continue to do what's in the public interest.
The Berkshires weekend lies outside that eight-week time frame, but should be viewed as presumptively cancelled as well. Put another way, you probably shouldn’t put down a deposit on accommodations, unless you are prepared to go (and stay and ride) alone or with a close friend or two. And that assumes that travel restrictions are not imposed.
Before considering doing any cycling on your own or with friends, please assess the risks and whether you may need scarce medical resources in case of injury. At all times, please follow all relevant CDC and similar guidance.
Does this mean that New York Cycle Club is closed? By no means! From the perspective of being a Club, we should treat the present situation as similar to a snowy January in which all the rides have been canceled, week after week. That means we want to see plenty of articles, links, jokes and other communications on the Facebook page, the Message Board, via email, Instagram and all the other myriad ways we have of communicating with one another. We can be active together as a club even if riding together is largely out of bounds.
This will pass. Stay cheerful, and stay in touch.
Peter Storey
Your President


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