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General Information
Way Points: 

Cold Spring(start) > 9D > Snake Hill Rd > Old Albany Post Rd > Canopus Hill Rd > Canopus Hollow Rd > Oscawana Lake Rd > Church Rd > Peekskill Hollow Rd, Rt 301 > Cold Spring(end)

Bill Vojtech
A, B
Difficulty Rating: 
3 out of 5

Metro North to and from Cold Spring. Lots of climbing. Cycle friendly firehouse at 8.9 miles. Deli at 11.3 miles. Caution as shoulders narrow quickly and blind curves. Notes on well-documented map. Beautiful country roads.

Before Your Ride

Make sure your bike is in GOOD working order. Pump up tires to the pressure specified on the sidewall. Bring essentials: helmet, 2 spare tubes, a pump, patch kit, 2 water bottles, pocket food, ID, money, credit card, and a train pass. Eat a good breakfast consisting of carbohydrates and proteins.

Bicycle helmets are required head attire for all NYCC club rides, and "ipod"-like devices are not allowed. 

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