Lifetime Members

Linda Wintner (left) and Jody Sayler; Linda was inducted on December 12, 2011, at the Holiday Party

NYCC  Lifetime Members

  • Louis Berardunucci
  • Herb Dershowitz
  • Edward Fishkin
  • Christy Guzzetta
  • Dan Henry
  • George Kaplan
  • Syd Lange
  • Chris Mailing
  • Gary McGraime
  • Peter O'Reilly
  • NYC Parks & Rec
  • Robin Read
  • Jody Sayler
  • Fred Steinberg
  • Jeff Vogel
  • David Walls
  • Irv Weisman
  • Linda Wintner
NYCC Lifetime Membership is granted to those whose undeniable contributions to NYCC over time have enhanced the Club.
While candidates are considered annually by the Board of Directors, the honor is only granted on identifying a candidate whose work has shone in building the club over a number of years.

Recommended guidelines for nominating Lifetime Membership


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New to the Club? Here's What You Need to Know

Welcome to the New York Cycle Club!


We are the tri-state area's largest all-volunteer recreational cycling organization and offer our 2,000+ members:

  • Rides at all pace levels
  • Weekend trips
  • A nationally-recognized spring training program (SIG)
  • Monthly meetings featuring important speakers in the field
  • A full calendar of special events
  • A strong advocacy voice in metro and tri-state bicycling-related issues

Get in shape, make new friends, explore the most beautiful routes in the tri-state area and have a blast doing it!

Become part of our vibrant, friendly cycling community and enjoy the premium benefits of being an NYCC member today!  

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Submit Your Photos 


NYCC would like to see your ride photos.   

We will be featuring group photos that portray what we do; it is up to you, our members, to submit images and let us know how much fun you are having.

When submitting a photo, please ensure that you also include an appropriate description and a name for credit.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that your photos will be posted.

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April 14, 2014

Photo by: Susan Kim

The B/16 SIG

B16 Team Tiger ride to Bayville on 4/12/14


Other Events

The American Diabetes Association’s 2014 NYC Tour de Cure

The American Diabetes Association’s 2014 NYC Tour de Cure is scheduled Sat., May 10, at Pier 84 on the Hudson River (adjacent to the U.S. Intrepid), with five scenic routes to choose from: 7-mile, 20, 45, 63 and 100 miles, crossing over the GW Bridge into NJ to Bear Mtn. Thank you for considering lending your support to the 1 million+ NY residents living with diabetes, and saving lives via the Tour de Cure!

See details here


Garmin 510/810 Training Session

Join us on Thursday, May 22 at Tekserve to learn how to operate your Garmin 510 or 810. You will be asked to submit one question in advance to enable the trainer to gauge group efficiency.

See details here and register for the event





Upcoming Rides

Name Date Time Leaders Level Distance Spots Remaining
A-STS #8: The Taconic Red Barn Ride Sat, Apr 19 07:30 AM Shari Alexander
Gerald Seppey
sebastian moll
Jeff Wilson
Charlie Collins
Ronald Gentile
Jacqueline Scalisi
Felicia Ennis
Ron Roth
Andrew Finkelstein
A /A 19 -23 91 Miles 13 of 65
A Loose Knot...Hills of Nyack Sat, Apr 19 08:00 AM Rod Ciardullo A /21 55 Miles 14 of 20
Early and Easy to Piermont Sat, Apr 19 08:30 AM Robert Schoenbohm B /17 40 Miles 3 of 10