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Making the Grade by Hank Schiffman

Average grades of hills in our region

Gleaned, extrapolated, calculated and compiled by Hank Schiffman using data from the map of The Central Park by George Colbert & Guenter Vollath for Greensward Foundation/Friends of Central Park (1994) and TOPO! Northeastern USA by National Geographic. Some data was measured on site using a Polar S710 monitor with altimeter function and a cycle computer.

Please note that % grades vary in how they reflect the true climb. Shorter distances are less accurately measured. Changes in grade are also guilty of giving unrepresentative values. Full ascents that have numerous false summits of the Arden Valley Road ilk have been omitted, as their average has no meaning. A few attempts have been made to wring out a virtual average grade by subtracting flat spots on some climbs. These have been designated “distance adjusted minus flats.” Although they reflect the essential climbing grades, they also “let up,” thus not reflecting these values on a sustained climb.

Last updated: 8/27/2013.




  242 St/Manhattan Col Pkwy, Bdwy to
Henry Hudson Pkwy
0.75 156' 4.0%  
 Harlem Hill – Central Park0.3284'4.4% 
 165th St Hill – Riverside Dr/Ft Wash Ave0.0940'8.4% 
 Fifth Avenue Between 106 and 90th St0.8089'2.1% 
 Central Pk West Dr hill between 88th & 86th St0.1524'3.0% 
 Cat Hill, Central Park East Drive0.2549'3.7% 
 Bennett Av from Broadway to 187th St0.4182'3.8% 
 Broadway from Nagle Av to 181st St0.66140'4.0% 
 Morningside Dr from 110th to 113th St0.1540'5.0% 
 RSD hill to Sakura Park from 125th St0.2790'6.3% 
 120 St from Amsterdam to B'way, 1st half of block0.0832'7.2% 
 Overlook Ter from 187th St to Ft Wash Av0.1781'9.0% 
 Nagle/Dykeman to St Nicholas Ave0.34170'9.5% 


 Carroll St – 4th Av to Prospect West0.74120'3.1% 
 Union Street – 3rd Av to Prospect Park0.87132'2.9% 
 Union Street – 4th Av to Prospect Park0.73122'3.2% 
 9th St – 3rd Av to Prospect Park0.73122'3.2% 
 Flatbush Av – Empire to crest near Library0.6077'2.4% 
 44th St – 5th to 6th Av0.1545'5.7% 
 31st & 5Av/24th & 5Av/24th & 6th/23rd & 7th0.68130'3.6% 

The Bronx

 Riverdale Ave - W 230th St/W 239th St0.68150'4.2% 
 W Fordham Rd from Rt 87 overpass to Sedgwick0.2160'5.4% 
 W Kingsbridge Rd from Heath to Sedgwick0.22113'9.7% 

Staten Island

 Grymes Hill – Terrace0.38230'11.5% 

Bergen County

 Alpine (police station) Hill—to grade change at top1.07400'7.1% 
 Closter Dock – 501/crest at Ridge1.97415'4.0% 
 E Clinton – Dean/crest south of Woodland1.13340'5.7% 
 E Clinton – Old Smith/crest south of Woodland0.522258.2% 
 Walnut – from Lydecker0.55190'6.5% 
 Englewood Boatbasin (River Rd) to crest going north0.34140'7.8% 
 Forbidden Hill (2nd half of above) to pkwy0.40180'8.5% 
 Ross Dock Hill0.25115'8.7% 
 Under Cliff0.21145'13.0% 
 Skyline Drive (Rt 91) – to first crest from south1.44605'8.0% 
 Skyline Drive (Rt 91) – distance adjusted minus flats**605'10.1% 
  Dutchess Co  
  Long Hill Rd from Hortontown Rd to crest 0.87 550' 12.0%  
  Long Hill Rd from East Hook Rd to crest 0.58 467' 15.2%  
  Miller Hill Rd, Hortontown Rd to crest 1.22 653' 10.1%  
  Miller Hill Rd, Hortontown Rd to Woodmont Rd 0.64 431 12.7%  

Rockland County

 Rockland Rd from Ferdon to crest of hill0.41147'6.8% 
 Nyack/Upper Grand View: 
 S Highland Av/Blvd bet Old Mtn. & Tweed0.24111'8.8% 
 Upper Nyack: 
 Old Mtn. Rd from Broadway to 9W0.61203'6.3% 
 Upper Rockland County: 
 Ash – to divide just short of 9W0.32205'12.1% 
 Little Tor0.80420'9.9% 
 South Mtn. Rd to the Orchards1.60360'4.3% 
 S Mtn. Rd Orchards Hill – steep section0.692406.6% 
 State Line Hill - Oak Tree/crest at state line0.57167'5.5% 
 Mott Farm Rd from north entrance 9w to Buckberg0.82280'6.5% 
 Liberty (Dunderberg) going north0.90274'5.9% 
 Liberty (Dunderberg) going south1.50274'3.6% 
 Clausland Mtn. Rd – 1st 0.31 m from S. Greenbush.31180'11% 
 Rockland Lake Hill 9W – Lake Rd to crest0.83306'7.0% 
 Calls Hollow Rd, 1st hill south of Willow Grove Rd0.68158'4.4% 

Rockland/Orange County

 Harriman State Park: 
 Gate Hill to Lake Welch1.45520'6.8% 
 Gate Hill to Rt 106 junction0.61320'9.9% 
 Rt 106 – rise w of Central Hwy/Lake Welch4.85960'3.7% 
 Rt 106 – east from 17A to change in grade0.96266'5.2% 
 7 Lakes Dr., hill 1.5 miles north of Rt 171.50360'4.5% 
 7 Lakes Dr. – 9w to Bear Mtn. Circle0.59162'5.2% 
 7 Lakes Dr. – 9w to start of Perkins2.42630'4.8% 
 7 Lakes Dr – Bear Mtn. Inn Cir/start Perkins1.80428'4.5% 
 Perkins Memorial Drive2.10660'6.0% 
 Arden Valley Rd – final climb to crest1.13283'4.7% 
 Tiorati Brook Rd – to height just before lake2.09445'4.0% 
 Tiorati Brook Rd – distance adjusted minus flats**445'6.3% 

Orange County

  Hogback from west, steepest continuous climb 1.8 620' 6.5%  
 Mt Peter – east to west1.60547'6.4% 
 Highland Av (S Blvd) – Old Mtn. Rd south to crest0.18111'11.7% 
 Rockland Rd – from Ferdon to crest0.38171'8.5% 
 Rt 6 – from Queensboro Circle west to 1st crest1.00418'7.9% 
 Greenwood Lake/Warwick: 
 Kain Rd0.73580'15.0% 

Greene County

 Clove Platte (Devil's Kitchen)1.951129'11.0% 
 Palenville to Tannersville Rt 23A4.001230'5.8% 

Ulster County

 Mohonk – west (6/6A) to east (top)1.91713'7.1% 
 Minnewaska – 299/Trapps Bridges (1st crest)1.41468'6.3% 
 Minnewaska – hairpin/Trapps Bridge0.57218'7.2% 
 Minnewaska – Berm Rd/Lake Minnewaska5.491112'3.9% 
 Greenville Rd – start of climb to crest, Greenville3.51985'5.3% 
 Mountain Rd – final climb from east0.65288'8.4% 
 Peekamouse (Rt 42) – "wall" from north0.78508'12.3% 
 Peekamouse (Rt 42) – from south6.64604'1.8% 
 Rt 52 west of Walker Valley – to crest6.64604'1.8% 
 Slide Mtn. (Rt 47) – final 1.21 miles from north1.21665'10.4% 
 South Gully Road3.051240'7.7% 
 Vista Maria – from 52 to where grade flattens1.46748'10.2% 
 Vista Maria – steep section0.47400'16.1% 
 Yagerville Rd – 55A to crest3.371060'6.0% 

Sullivan/Ulster County

 Red Hill Rd – from Sugarloaf to crest0.88345'7.4% 
 Sugarloaf Rd – start of climb to Red Hill Rd3.241255'7.3% 
 Sugarloaf Rd – top 0.77 to Red Hill Rd0.77482'11.9% 
 Sugarloaf Rd – same top 0.77 to 2500' level1.21755'11.8% 
 Sugarloaf/Red Hill Rd – to crest Red Hill4.121600'7.4% 

Sullivan County

 Glade Hill Rd1.901259'12.5% 
 More Hill Road – start of climb to flattens2.31117'9.2% 

Westchester County

 Roaring Brook Rd0.75337'8.5% 
 Whippoorwill Rd to top from 1202.57298'2.2% 
 Whippoorwill Rd – 1st from 1201.00200'3.8% 
 Whippoorwill Crossing1.42292'3.9% 
 Whippoorwill from 117 – steep section only0.85306'6.8% 
 Whippoorwill Rd East – steep section only0.52200'7.3% 
 Hardscrabble Rd – 120/top of 1st hill0.70210'5.7% 
 Hardscrabble Rd – from 120, start0.1050'9.5% 
 Anthony’s Nose going south from Bear Mtn. Bridge0.70220'5.9% 
 Rt 448 – Rt 9 to crest3.00440'2.8% 
 Rt 448 – Rt 9 to 2.2 miles2.20403'3.5% 
 North White Plains: 
 Route 22 north from Reservoir Rd0.3764'3.3% 
 Rt 22 between Cox and Banksville Rd0.70203'5.5% 
 Hartsdale/White Plains: 
 hill on Walworth Av/Fisher Av0.1855'5.8% 
 Kitchawan (Town of New Castle, NY): 
 Pines Bridges Rd from Rt 134, 1st0.38150'7.5% 

Putnam County

  E Mtn Rd, start of climb east side to crest 1.58 7.18' 8.6%  
 Cold Spring/McKeel Corners (Rt 301): 
 Main St, Cld Spng at depot to Rt 92.79440'3.0% 
 Main St, Cld Spng at depot to crest Rt 3016.611158'3.3% 
 Indian Spring Rd – west of 9D to Dennytown Rd4.39760'3.3% 
 Indian Spring Rd – Loch Lyall to above Reeves Pd0.70310'8.4% 
 Canopus Hill Rd – whole length1.36521'7.3% 
 Canopus Hill Rd – steep section to Albany Post Rd0.29180'11.8% 
 Joes Hill Rd – steep section0.0450'23.7% 
 Joes Hill Rd – section below steep section0.1050'9.5% 

Essex County

 Whiteface ’ from 86 to top climb7.953567'8.5% 

Berkshire County, MA

 M Washington Rd – to West St2.55768'5.7% 
 M Washington Rd – distance adjusted minus flats**768'7.3% 



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