Upcoming Rides

Name Date Time Leaders Level Distance Spots Remaining
Tuesday Morning River Road Ride: A-SIG... Tue, Mar 31 06:00 AM Jon Shireman
Kitty Brandstater
Zack Bennett
matt swing
A /19-20 30ish Miles Unlimited
Prospect Park morning training laps Tue, Mar 31 06:00 AM Eliana Glicklich
Brian Cantrell
A /A20-A20+ 15-20 Miles 7 of 12
Tuesday Morning Central Park Laps:A SIG... Tue, Mar 31 06:00 AM John Siemens
Harv Bedi
Tom Best
Laura Kent
A /19-20 18 Miles Unlimited
A-SIG Participant Training Laps in CP Tue, Mar 31 06:00 AM Israel Forst A /17-19 18 Miles 4 of 20
B16 Morning Laps in Central Park Tue, Mar 31 06:00 AM Linda Wintner B /16 18-24 Miles 0 of 7
Later Laps Tue, Mar 31 06:30 AM Thomas Cirolia A /19/20 18 Miles 4 of 15
Train like and with a Cross Country Mule... Tue, Mar 31 06:30 AM Maggie Nguyen A /19 15 Miles 18 of 20
Wednesday Morning "A" laps. Wed, Apr 1 06:00 AM Gary Venturanza
Christy Guzzetta
A /20/21 18 Miles Unlimited
A-SIG Participant Hill Repeats in CP Wed, Apr 1 06:00 AM terry hildebrandt A /18-20 12 Miles 8 of 20
Déjà Vu L'Ours (4th Midweek TTSTS)... Wed, Apr 1 08:15 AM Jerry Piven
Felipe Diaz-Griffero
A /21-23 75+/- Miles 5 of 12
B16 Morning Laps in Central Park Thu, Apr 2 05:45 AM Linda Wintner B /16 18-24 Miles 0 of 7
(2 on waitlist)
A-SIG Participant Training Laps in CP Thu, Apr 2 05:45 AM Allison Casey A /18-20 18 Miles 7 of 20
Thursday Morning River Road: A-SIG... Thu, Apr 2 06:00 AM Jon Shireman
Kitty Brandstater
Nicole Mermet
Harry Woods
Zack Bennett
A /20-21 30ish Miles Unlimited
Prospect Park Morning Training Laps Thu, Apr 2 06:00 AM Amir Mikhaeil
Michael Kim
A /A-20/21 16 Miles 9 of 12
Thursday Morning Central Park Laps: A SIG... Thu, Apr 2 06:00 AM John Siemens
Harv Bedi
Tom Best
Laura Kent
A /20+ 18 Miles Unlimited
Later Laps Thu, Apr 2 06:30 AM Thomas Cirolia A /19/20 18 Miles 13 of 15
Staten Island Hills Fri, Apr 3 08:55 AM Ron Grossberg B /17 47 Miles 11 of 12
A-STS #5 -23+ -Climbfest Sat, Apr 4 08:30 AM Jeff Wilson
Don Rassler
A /23+ 72 Miles 4 of 12
A-STS #5 - 21/22 - Climbfest Sat, Apr 4 08:30 AM Akiko Ando
Jacqueline Scalisi
A /21-22 72 Miles 0 of 12
(7 on waitlist)
A-STS #5 - 20-21 - Climbfest Sat, Apr 4 08:45 AM Charlie Collins
Sabina Eberle
A /20-21 72 Miles 5 of 12

Ride Classifications

Ride Classifications    Rides are classified according to level and cruising speed:

A = Fast, with paceline skills required   B = Moderate    C = Gentle (a good introduction to the Club)   A number following a letter indicates the target cruising speed on flat roads, e.g., B15 = B level/15 mph cruising speed. To evaluate your cruising speed, see our Self-Test Table.

Starting Points

Many of our rides start at Central Park's Loeb Boathouse (more commonly referred to as "the Boathouse"), located on the East side of Central Park in Manhattan, just slightly north of the 72nd St. Park Drive transverse (see map, click on "Q"). To get there, enter the park at East 72nd St. or Central Park South and follow the Park Drive north (in the direction of traffic). Or enter at West 72nd and ride east using the transverse.

The Boathouse and its adjacent parking lot are on your left. Nearby subway stops can be located on this MTA map. There are many other good meeting points for rides; as a ride leader, you may want to consider starting your ride at the GWB, in Queens, the Bronx, or the Path trains and save on those "junk miles"

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