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Name Region Name(s) Distance Difficulty Rating Level(s)
Northvale New Jersey/Rockland County 45.6 2 out of 5 B, C
Nyack via River Road and Tallman New Jersey/Rockland County 54.1 3 out of 5 B
Little Tor/ Blanchard/ Perkins/ Cold Spring
New Jersey/Rockland County
Orange County
Putnam Dutchess and Columbia Counties
66 4 out of 5 A, B
Midsession Climbfest New Jersey/Rockland County 72 4 out of 5 A, B
Bergen/Rockland Ramble New Jersey/Rockland County 77.4 3 out of 5 A, B
9W Market via Old Tappan New Jersey/Rockland County 42 2 out of 5 B, C
Park Ridge New Jersey/Rockland County 54.3 2 out of 5 B
Bronx/Westchester via Harlem River Greenway Getting out of NYC 11 1 out of 5 A, B, C
Long Beach/Point Lookout New York City 66 1 out of 5 B
Fishy Business Ride New York City 26 1 out of 5 C
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