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Jointly developed by the New York Cycle Club and Century Road Club Association, this protocol is a guideline for cyclists training in Central Park.

         Cycling Protocol for Central Park

 1.    Ride a straight line and under control.

 2.    Ride at a speed that is safe for that density of pedestrian traffic.

 3.    Always yield to pedestrians. If there are pedestrians
       in or entering
the crosswalk always slow or stop at a
       red light.

 4.    When passing runners, walkers, slower cyclists and
       other park users
always allow several feet
       of clearance.

 5.    Reserve fast training rides for the hours of 5:00 am
       to 8:00 am.

 6.    Keep training groups small and organized.

 7.    Consider a bell and the addition of a front and rear
       light after dusk.
Both are the law.

 8.    Slower cyclists stay left. Pass on the right when safe to
       do so.

 9.    Never ride in the runners' lane.


10.   Be alert. Be conscientious. Be civil to all park users.
       Remember the
park is full of tourists and locals who
       do not know the rules.

Your actions and behavior will determine our future use of this precious resource.

Remember, we are all ambassadors for cycling now.

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