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2007 NYCC Holiday Party - Page 2
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More myrth and mayhem from this year's NYCC Holiday party.

Hal designates a new hand signal to be used in paceline riding..


Posing here with wife Aimee, Jeff Terosky clearly has more to smile about than the end of his term.


Let the boogying begin!


The moment we've all been waiting for: Gary McGraime gets down with his bad self. Here with Pat Kiroy as his vicitm, er, partner."


Eden Weiss shows us he too is old enough to remember the 70's.


NYCC's reigning "Best Couple" for the second year in a row: Bob Ross and Betsy (soon to be A Ride coordinator) Hafkin.


Committe of ex's. Outgoing NYCC Treasurer Kim Jenkins, outgoing Webmaster Timothy McCarthy, soon to be ex-ex-Prez Carol Waaser and former board member Herb Dershowtiz discuss the intricacies of the NYCC organizational structure.


Thanks Mr. DJ for spinning the platters that matter.

Let's get it started!!


Gary gets down with Brother James