2007 NYCC Holiday Party

2007 NYCC Holiday Party
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2007 NYCC Holiday Party. The NYCC celebrates another great year with our annual holiday bash held this year at The Woolworth Kitchen. Here' a glimpse of the revelry and merriment courtesy of club members Tom Laskey and Bob Cowin.

NYCC Message Board personality Evan Marks and former NYCC Email Lady Gabriella Radujko discuss the physics of pedaling dynamics and the pros and cons of side mount pedals.


Christy Guzzetta (Godfather of the NYCC SIG's) discusses his pedagogical method with Jody Sayler (Godmother of the NYCC SIG's) and triathlete extraordinaire Jeanine Hartnett


Peter Matusewitch demonstrates the physics involved in a "Walden" turn.


Special Events Director/Party Planner Hal Eskenzi brings the assembled masses to heel.


Outgoing President Jeff Terosky delivers his farewell address to the faithful.


Out with the old, in with the new. 2008 President George Arcarola mugs with soon to be ex-Prez Terosky


Tom, Jay, Joan, Marcy and Colleen take a pause from devouring the delicious delicacies that darted to and fro.


Rank hath it's priveledge. Soon to be ex-ex-Prez Carol Waaser, rushes the food line.

Neile Weissman. Wins award, makes speech.


Tony Nappi dispenses fashion tips to Membership Director Neil Botwinoff and faithful NYCC volunteer Maggie Schwarz.