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SIGs in the park
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Before Spring is fully upon us, many cyclists hanker for real riding and something to get them going. Not the solitary brief winter foray out into the cold, but something more; something of substance; rides that really go somewhere; a program with planning, route sheets and the like. Leaping up to fulfill that yearning, the NYCC Special Interest Groups (SIGs) offer programs of progressive training rides and instruction on group riding. It all starts in Central Park. Early each March expectant cyclists gather for these programs at the Boathouse, the Rambles shed or elsewhere; some may ride classification laps. It all serves as the first stepping stone to kick start a fabulous cycling season.

NYCC Bulletin Editor and sometime A-19 SIG leader Anthony Poole, camera in hand, chronicled this ritual of the SIG start ups. He prowled the Boat house parking lot and staked himself out on the park drive to capture the following photographs.

Sunday, March 13, 2005. C-Sig ride leaders Kim Jenkins (left) and Pat Kilroy (back to camera) greet Carol and Joseph Casalino after their classification rides.


C-SIG Captain Jim Janof records the time of Yasmin Awais after she completed her self-classification ride of three continuous laps of Central Park.

Jump ahead one week to Saturday, March 19. The A-19 SIG leaders meet at the Boathouse parking lot prior to their ride to Park Ridge.


Meanwhile, just steps away, NYCC Webmaster and A-SIG Classic Captain Timothy McCarthy briefs participants prior to departure on a ride to White Plains.

As the Classic group divides into groups and prepares to head out, nearby a large crowd of A-19 participants gathers.


All the pre-ride blather done, A-SIG Classic leader Melissa Bybee (foreground) and Ben Dale depart with their group.

Another A-SIG Classic group heads out.


Veteran A-SIG Classic leader David Grogan sees another ride underway. How many A-SIG rides has this man led? Too many to contemplate.