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A-19 SIG Graduation ride
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Saturday, May 21, 2005, the A-19 SIG met at the boathouse for their final ride, their graduation ride: Bear Mountain and back. The weather proved beautiful. Leader Ori Mor had brought along his camera and took the following shots.

For the last time this season, Ed Fishkin, A-19 SIG Captain, gives a pre-ride talk. He rallies the troops and they head out as a single long paceline before later spontaneously separating into smaller more manageable groups.


Just over the George Washington Bridge, on Hudson Terrace, ride leader Mari Berkeley (rearmost rider) eyes a thing of beauty—a steady paceline arcing up the road.

Our photographer captures portraits from the paceline, here: Mari Berkley.


Rider Carrie Garza having a ball.

Same for Shelby Wong.


Leader Joe (Mr. Fun Guy) Irizarry.

Leader Steve Peters in full Postal.


Corine Karmiel.

Mavis Scanlon.


Richard Raschdorf (Ori notes: Richard should have kept his eyes on the wheel in front. A second after this shot was taken he bumped wheels, stalled and went down. Thankfully, with no injuries.)