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A-19 SIG Graduation ride
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Fast forward to Tiorati Circle in Harriman State Park. After a beautiful, scenic ride along 7 Lakes Drive, Co-Captain Jim (The Impeccable) Galante, takes a break with the rest of the group before the main climb up Perkins Drive to the summit of Bear Mountain.


There was a triathlon going on along Seven Lakes Drive. A-19 participants chatted with some of the competitors as they rode along together. Here some of the triathletes approach Tiorati Circle before continuing their 50 mile bike leg.

After the main climb of the day the entire group gathers and rests at the top of Bear Mountain. The Manhattan skyline can can be seen in the distance.


Leader Mari Berkeley stretches, always a good idea after any ride. Good girl, Mari.

A-19 SIG Captain Ed Fishkin pauses to survey his troops; all is good.


Ride leaders Sheamus Cullen and Terry Hildebrandt.

Richard Raschdorf and his crash partner Katie Sayers—best of friends.


You don't come all the way up Bear Mountain without gathering everyone for a group shot.

In fact, it's so much fun, let's do it again. And this time make sure to get the watchtower in the background, you with the camera!


Half of the A-19 SIG heard the siren call of beer and found themselves transported to Cold Spring. Here, another A-19 SIG under the belt, leader Joe Irizarry waits at The Depot for the suds to arrive.

Later, the party spills over to the train station and onto the next train back to Manhattan.


The leaders confer on a program well done. Hey! Hank Schiffman of the A-23 STS and the NYCC Ride Librarian, butts in. That's it for A-19 SIG in 2005!