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Greece/Olympics, 2004
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August 13–23, 2004 Kali spera. It’s Athens 2004—the Olympics! I had the opportunity to stay on a wooden-hulled sailing yacht moored in Porto Rafti, near Athens, for a week during the Olympics. The family of the coach of the U.S. women’s cycling team were also on the boat, so we had an inside track. We attended the Olympic road cycling events, did some cycling (quite limited because of the heat), some sailing (much better activity in the heat!) with dolphins swimming alongside, and took in the ancient sites. We then spent 3 days in the Peloponese, ending in Olympia, sight of the original B.C. Olympics as well as the 2004 shotput event. The Greeks did a terrific job with the Olympics and the whole country is spiffed up. It’s a fascinating country to visit and cycle in (if it’s not too hot) and I highly recommend taking a tour. I was with ExperiencePlus! both for this tour and when I cycled across the Peloponese in 1995.

—Carol Waaser

First lap of the men’s road race, coming downhill on the cobbles below the Acropolis.  We were still enjoying lunch in the roadside taverna right next to the course.


Second lap—the breakaways have already started. Dash outside to take a photo, then quick back into the taverna, out of the searing sun, for a little desert.

The Aussies tackle the climb up Likavitos Hill.


Jump to the next day for the Woman’s Road Race. Now it’s the women’s turn up the hill.

USA not in the lead. Even though the women didn’t medal, the coach thinks they rode their race and did very well.


Yer’s truly at the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion, about a 35 mile ride from Porto Rafti.   If the sun don’t getcha, the wind sure will.