Three days in Moab
Photos and captions: Anthony Donato. Click on any picture for a larger view.


July 1, 2003, Amasa Back / Hurrah Pass Trail

Our first ride was 100+ miles.


The experienced Joe Irizzary leads the way to Amasa Back / Hurrah Pass Trail.



We chose a very difficult ride for our first ride w/ tough climbs and BIG drops, and all that as we try to get adjusted to the altitude in Utah.


With temperatures reaching 103 degrees & 20% humidity, I learned that the only way to do this ride and survive is with a camelback like Joe’s.



It amazes me how calm Joe is as I take a pictures of him where he is a foot (or sometimes inches) away from a cliff.


Passing along a ledge up the Amasa Back Trail.



Joe descends from a very dangerous drop with a tight switchback turn.


Joe as he completed another switchback descent.



Joe with amazing bike handling skills in a fast switchback descent!


Joe: "Watch out for the CLIFF on your right!!!" You don't get that sort of hazard on 9W.



Passing through the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail, as we witness some Dinosaur foot prints and skeletal remains.

"What!!! . . . We have to climb through those mountains!?!"



Passing through the Halfway Stage Station.

Reaching our destination at Hurrah Pass.



Last stop . . . "I'm the King of the World!" It was well worth all the suffering as we witness killer views of Moab Valley and the Colorado River.