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2006 Escape New York
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Escape New York 2006. NYCC's 12th annual century with rides to Piermont and Rockland Lake State Park. We've got highlights courtesy of club members Robert Dinkelmann, Ellen Jaffe, Peter O'Reilly and Hal Eskenazy.

Susi and Marcella prepare for the onslaught of ENY'ers


It all starts with registration. Annaline Dinkelmann makes sure everyone's i's are dotted and t's are crossed


Looks like things are moving along pretty quickly this year.


Some last minute carbo loading in the registration line.


Those party crashing Organic Athletes stop for a photo-op. Go Vegan! You can read their ENY write-up here.


Do I see coffee over there?


The all important pre-ride talk.


Webmaster and Ride Leader Timothy McCarthy surveys the scene.