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A new bicycle for Christy
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This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the A-SIG and Christy Guzzetta, the man who started it all, oh, so many years ago, will captain the team of leaders. He's holding nothing back and to keep up with the latest and the greatest, the decidely old school Christy has gone out an bought the best possible bicycle he could buy. Conrads ordered him a Merckx Carbon AXM 25th Anniversary edition bicycle. It took a long while but the frame finally arrived and the guys at Conrads lovingly fitted it with nothing but the best. Photographs: Timothy McCarthy and Jeff Terosky.

Saturday, January 28, 2006. Christy Guzzetta (right) and Jody Saylor (left, leaning) roll up at the Elenor Roosevelt statue at 72nd and Riversite for a ride. A large group awaited.


Christy has the new bike! Alan Resnick (left), hooking up with friends for a ride of his own, comes over to oogle the new pet.

Christy picked the bicycle up from Conrad's just the afternoon before. This is its first ride. Christy waited sooo long for this bicycle to come in and he's sooooo excited. Did Christy sleep last night? Doubtful.


The view from the front. Note the ITM Sword carbon handlebars. Carbon and black parts everywhere. Mmmmm, nice!

NYCC Webmaster, Timothy McCarthy, hard at work, photographing.


Christy and Jody arrived late. Then everyone has to see the bicycle and hang out chatting. A-19 SIG leader Terry Hildebrandt and Corinne Karmiel wait in the sun. It's relatively warm out, but geeze, let's get the show on the road.

Yes, a ride to Nyack happened—at faster than the stated pace. Christy was seen at the front. Here, Christy leads the way through Piermont, followed by A-19 SIG Captain, Jim Galante.


Following: Tom Denham, Corinne Karmiel, Ted Shaw, Jody Saylor and others.