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Snow Shoe Hike, 2005
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On Tuesday, January 25, 2005, Ken and Marilyn Weissman and Herb Dershowitz said “Bah, patou!” to letting snow, wind and freezing temperatures keep them from getting exercise—and work? Who needs to work? They bundled into Ken’s car for some snowshoeing fun at Harriman State Park. For those interested, their route: from Lake Ascoti via Long Path to Beech to Hasenclever Fire Rd to Red Cross back to Ascoti; about 4.5-5.0 miles.

Photographs: Herb Dershowitz.

Marilyn leads the way.


Followed by Ken, who came back to the trail after making use of the facilities.

No risk of road rash out here. Frost bite maybe, but they kept moving and stayed warm enough.


Ken and Marilyn take a break.

Herb takes a break.

That’s all!