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2nd Annual Polar Bears Ride, 2005
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On Saturday, January 1, 2005, scads and scads of NYCC members turned out for a ride out to Coney Island in order to take part in the annual Polar Bear Swim Club’s New Years Swim Party. The temperatures were balmy for this time of year yet only a handful of hardy souls braved the waves. Those who did speak of the bracing qualities of the Coney Island waters. “Life affirming,” more than one was heard to say. Next year we wish to see more to take the plunge and fewer to watch. The event on the beach was followed by a repast at the home of Tony Mantione.

Photographs: Alfredo Garcia, Stan Oldak, Carol Waaser and Ed White.

The ride was listed as a B-ride but drew A-, B- and C-riders to the start at City Hall in downtown Manhattan—a nice cross-section of the NYCC. To the left Marci Silverman can be seen busily signing people in.


Here’s Marci from the front (left) with veteran ride leader Carol Waaser (right).

After a meandering ride through lovely Brooklyn the ride arrives at Coney Island. Facing the camera (left to right): Rob Kohn, Beth Renaud, Chaim Caron, Ellen Jaffe, Tony Nappi and Linda Nappi


Jack Lehnert, ready to become a Polar Bear. Behind him Marci starts shedding clothes.

Co-leader, Peter “Banana Guy” Kouletsis, could not ride due to injury but in no way would he let a thumb splint keep him from leading the way into the water.


NYCC President Stan Oldak looks on, inwardly shaking his head.

It’s time to take the plunge. “Hey, Peter, get over here!”


Those who made the first dash in (left to right): Peter, Marci, Jack, Melissa Thoms and Cheryl Daitch.

Peter fulfills his leadership duties: “This way, guys! Straight ahead!”