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C-SIG, 2005
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The C-SIG wrapped up their 2005 season with a splendid Graduation Ride to Piermont. The following are a few photos that document the spirit of the program.

Sunday, May 1, 2005. A ride to Kingsland Park just north of Tarrytown. The rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the C-SIG participants as they gather at the Boathouse parking lot.


Sarit Levy, Allison Amend and Kate Hopkins took pride as they repaired a flat without assistance.

Pat Kilroy leads SIG Group 3 from the Kingsland Park picnic. What a great paceline!


May 8, Park Ridge ride, Michael Allison explains spinning technique (cadence) and it’s relationship to gearing. He also gets to show off his gorgeous Calfee.

Saturday, May 14: The Graduation ride. More lessons, this one on bike maintenance by ace C-SIG leader, Gary McGraime.


A tree suffices as a workstand as he demonstrates chain cleaning and lubrication. Important stuff, lubrication.

After lunch all four C SIG groups rendezvous at the gazebo in Piermont for dessert, contributed by the leaders.


SIG leaders, Paul Hofherr and Pat Kilroy do the “SIG Leaders Dance” exhibiting the proper technique for celebrating another C-SIG season successfully completed.

Paul and Pat demonstrate climbing or is it descending?


Back on the Manhattan side of the George Washington Bridge the group grins at having completed the series. They’ve become more Competent cyclists with more Confidence to enjoy new Challenges!