New York Cycle Club   Photos

Whiteface Mountain Uphill Bike Race, Saturday, June 19th, 2004
Photos: Maria O’Reilly and Georgia Tetradis.
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A handful of NYCC members showed up for the 8 mile race with an average 8% grade.

Hank Schiffman writes:
A total of 233 racers finished. We had rain in the morning as a cold front came through. An hour before the race the top was shrouded in clouds. As the high pressure established itself, strong gusty winds from the northwest, increasing with elevation with crystal clear and dropping temperatures characterized the atmosphere. My wave, the last of 4 were literally in a double paceline for a mile and a half to 2 miles. In the six hillclimbs that I have done I had never seen a paceline before. And the competition is getting more intense as this is the third year for this event. Strong Canadian riders are entering and doing very well. Interestingly, the Hudson Valley Volunteer Fireman’s Association held a convention in Lake Placid. Before the event they held a parade. Companies throughout our cycling region were present from Nyack to Kerhonkson, Port Chester to Newburgh. This is an annual event which deserves a greater NYCC turnout.

Peter O’Reilly comes over the top feeling a little blue-face.


Hank Schiffman cruises in.

Another shot of Hank.


Your reward for finishing—a view from the heavens.

A moment to reflect before the descent.


Red lights ahead; Traffic at 4,000+ feet; modern day caravan. The slower, but warmer way to get down the mountain.