New York Cycle Club   Photos

Two NYCC members ride to the Canadian border

A handshake in Vermont

July 26–30, 2004 In late July Chris Hartmann (left) and Joe Hunt (right), rode from New York City to the Canadian border. Hartmann suggested the idea during the B-SIG this spring where the two met. Hartmann has a summer cabin in Newport, VT (just six miles from the Canadian border) and wanted to get his third bike up to there. This seemed like a good way to get it done without putting a rack on his car. The idea made perfect sense to Hunt.

Hartmann and Hunt introduced their wives to each other in hopes that they might provide sag wagon support. The wives hit it off but decided they had better ways to spend their time and would meet the two he-men in Vermont. So, Hartmann and Hunt loaded their panniers, booked motel reservations along the route and hit the road on July 26th at 7:00 AM.

“The SIG rides made a tremendous difference,” according to Hunt, “Without the SIG training I don’t think I would have been fit enough to enjoy the ride. I had a great time”

“We averaged 80 miles a day,” said Hartmann. “Our shortest day was 50 miles and the longest, about 104 with only one flat tire and a minor mechanical problem along the way. We also had one day with about 6 hours of riding in driving rain. It wasn’t that bad, but I wouldn’t want to do make a practice of it.”

The two NYCC riders reached the Canadian border July 30th, around 3:00 PM. They then learned their wives’ car had broken down in New Hampshire. A day later, in a rented van, the NYCC cyclists provided sag support for their wives.