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Shiftless Bums Ride Again!, 2004
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“Derailleurs?!? We don't need no stinkin’ derailleurs!”

Sunday, August 8, 2004 An intrepid bunch of shiftless riders (and Margaret Cipolla on a multi-geared bike) met at the boathouse for the second occurrence of the shiftless bums ride. Gearing choices varied, but the majority were in the 67–71 inch range. Four riders were permanently fixed, two were free, I started free and swapped at the bridge.

Heading down Churchill Road was an experience, spinning our little legs off! And Jim Modula gets the cadence award—with a 48x20 (~64.8 gear inches)—he hit 30 mph on the downhill, which is a cadence of more than 155 rpm!

By the time the group hit the lunch stop in Rivervale, we’d done 30 of the 50 miles of the ride and I was pooped, so there are no shots from the ride home. I was lucky to be able to stand, let alone pedal!

The only rider not pictured is Margaret Cipolla, because she hates having her picture taken (and has threatened me with physical harm when I’ve taken her picture in the past!).

—Rob Kohn, (photographer and ride leader)

Heading out. Now, is it “bums” as in people or as in backsides?


Ah, to ride in a group with no derailleurs—none of the tyranny of having to shift to the right gear.

Evan Marks, a big time shiftless advocate.


There’s a decidedly retro spirit in the air. Many of these rigs are lovingly put together, piece by piece, with an eye to the frugal and practical.

Legs fly up and down furiously.


It’s Art. I can tell.

More Art.


We can even ride in a paceline—well, sort of.