Minnewaska cross country skiing, 2004
Photographs: Timothy McCarthy and Hank Schiffman
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Saturday, January 31, 2004, the last day of a month that saw far too many rides cancelled, saw once again, slop and ice in the streets and temperatures few cyclists wish to brave. What to do? What to do? The leaders of the A-Classic Spring Training Series and a couple friends headed up to Minnewaska for a few hours of cross country skiing on the carriage trails.


Bill Greene leads the way. Bill, Hank Schiffman and Larry Stam coached the others, who were newbies to cross country skiing.



John Zenkus, asking “where's the uphill part?,” followed by Steve Weiss. Note the frost on his skull cap.

Ice on the rocks . . .



. . . followed shortly by ice on the trail. Yikes!


The two NYCC Webmasters, Timothy McCarthy and Peter O’Reilly, pause to discuss business.



Plenty of great rock formations.


Looking out towards Cragsmoor, wishing it were summer.



John Zenkus, Timothy McCarthy and Larry Stam pause to take in the view.


Bill showing Timothy the Promised Land. Looks like the ’Gunks . . . .



The crew, left to right: John, Steve, Bill, Larry, Timothy, Peter and Hank.