B-SIG Graduation ride, 2004
Photographs: Carol Waaser
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Saturday, May 8, 2004 The B-SIG did its graduation ride up Saddle River, entered Harriman State Park from Sloatsburg, rode the full length of Seven Lakes Drive and on to Cold Spring. That's it. SIG over. Congratulations to all the graduates. Thank you SIG leaders.


The B17 group arrives at Tiorati Circle.



From left to right: Susie Pichler, Heidi Sadowsky, Jay Handfield and Ellen Jaffe.

B16 leader Mark Gelles arrives.



The B18s wait for food at Cold Spring.


B-SIG coordinator Eva Wirth (left) can now relax that the B-SIG is wrapped up. Thank you Eva for a great B-SIG!



B17s with their recovery drinks of choice. Left to right: Lisa Hom, Jay Handfield, Susie Pichler, Heidi Sadowsky and Carol Waaser.