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Chicago Bike Station, 2004
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I heard people speak in incredulous tones about the Millennium Park Bike Station in Chicago, so when a family birthday brought the opportunity to visit Chicago during the first weekend in October, I grabbed my camera. What a trip! In the same weekend I saw both a fabulous bike station right here in the USA and I saw the Northwestern University football team beat Ohio State in Evanston for the first time in 50 years. The mind boggles at which was the less likely.
For $99 per year, less for shorter periods, the bike station provides use of lockers and showers, an indoor bike rack, and deeply discounted mechanic work by master mechanic Jorge. There is also an indoor free parking area with the same double-decker racks. Furthermore, the place looks fabulous. The lockers are basically day lockers but not strictly because daily commuters can keep things in them.
There are about 400 members and the station holds about 350 bikes at a time. Apparently, nearly all are commuters because on this cool but sunny Saturday the place was nearly empty. The only way I got a photo of bikes in racks was to photograph the rental department. The employees said that during the week every space is taken.
The photos were all taken either in the station or within the park or next to it. Not a bad neighborhood!

—Jim Reaven

Sign at the corner of Millennium Park three blocks south of the Chicago River in the loop


The upper floor of the bike station from the front. Bikes are known to appreciate fine  architecture.

The upper floor of the bike station from the rear. Notice the fellow on the right braving the October chill on a lounge chair.


Downstairs, more bikes in racks in the rental department.

Master mechanic Jorge demonstrates putting a bike in an upper rack.


A large plastic poster gives instructions for using the racks.

The office and one of the racks of goodies.


Jorge in his natural environment. Notice his Lance Armstrong cancer bracelet.