B-SIG, March 2004
Photographs: Christian Edstrom
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On Sunday, March 28, the B-18 SIG rode to Ridgewood.


B-16 SIG leaders Mark, Tonya, and Reggie gather at the Rambles Shed.



B-18 leader Ivy Pool was there too.

Participants John, Moe and Hamilton, ready to go!



And then at the deli in Westwood, waiting for food with Bernie.


One of the B-18 groups poses in the Ridgewood park.



Look who we met! B-18 graduates and A-19 participants Marie-Pierre St. Onge and Mike Coven.


B-18s summiting one of the "three little pigs" between Ridgewood and Westwood.



Homeward bound on the GWB.


One last shot. B-18 participant Peter Storey and his new Chas Roberts Audax bike. Ask him about the wheel powered generator which drives the light mounted on his fork—just ask him—we dare you.