The bicycles of BK Pavé, 2004
Photographs: Timothy McCarthy
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Sunday, April 11, eight riders gathered in Brooklyn for Scott Demel’s BK Pavé ride.

The ride is held, in the words of Scott, “in Commiseration and Celebration of Paris Roubaix.” Paris-Roubaix, a race considered the “Queen of the Classics,” features numerous sections of cobble stones (pavé). BK Pavé seeks out the great pave sections of Brooklyn. The ride ends at the Water Street Bar with a same-day viewing of the Paris-Roubaix race on OLN.

The sky spat droplets now and then bit but real rain never arrived. Each rider had different ideas on what to ride over the cobble stones. At a stop to fix a flat we examined the various bicycles present.


First, the riders who did the ride as they gathered at the start (left to right): Jay Fitzgerald listens as Scott Demel briefs the group before heading out, . . .



. . . Nate Smith, Mordecai Silver and Steven Klein (with their backs to us), Ruo Chuon Yang and Steve Weiss. Not pictured: Timothy McCarthy (behind the camera).


Steve Klein’s Raleigh Professional. How old is this bicycle? Thirty years? Note the Stronglight Cranks, Weinman centerpull brakes, fenders, all vintage parts with the exception of the more modern brake levers—a better grip for a ride like BK Pavé than the original equipment.



Timothy McCarthy’s street bike. A steel mountain bike frame with rigid fork and a hodgepodge of parts


Scott’s 17 pound Cervélo.



Steve Weiss’ semi-retired Pinarello.

Mr. Yang’s steel Pinarello fixie.



Mordecai’s aluminum Schwinn

Jay’s Colnago cross bike.



Nate’s Bianci had the flat. Nate had to fix it all by himself.

The tire seems up to pressure.



Get that sucker back on the bicycle.

Close the skewer.



Flip the bicycle over and we’re ready to race on to the Water Street Bar for beers where 35 or so people showed up to watch the OLN broadcast of Paris Roubaix.