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NYCC Adopt-a-Highway clean up on 9W

Saturday July 31, 2004 A C-ride and B-ride met up just north of Oak Tree Road on 9W near Palisades, NY. Their mission? To clean up for an hour, to give something back to the NYCC and to create good will with the larger community.

A representative of New York State Department of Transportation gave a brief safety talk and then with bright orange trash bags in our hot little hands, off we went collecting trash for proscribed mile. Everything went smoothly; it doesn’t take long to fill up a large bag with all the refuse that accumulates along the roadside. Come out on our next clean up in early October and pitch in.

A big thank you to the following NYCC members who pitched in: Kevin Banks, Bernie Brandell, Isaac Brumer (C ride leader), Robin Bryant, John Burke, Sanford Cohen, Mark Gelles (B ride leader), Christophe Jammet, “Uncle” Stan Oldak (Ice cream provider), Denise Nelson, Gabriela Radujko (Snake charmer), Jim Reaven (photographer), Amit Singh, Joel Sperber, Chris Taeger, Judith Tripp and Scott Wasserman

The clean up crew at our sign.


An ice cream reward for the first NYCC Adopt-A-Highway crew..

Robin Bryant collects the first piece of trash for the NYCC Adopt-A-Highway program.