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Three Mountains in CT and MA, 2004
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Saturday, August 29, 2004 Hank Schiffman, the main ride leader, greets riders as they show at Grand Central Station. The ride takes the 7:48 Metro-North train on the Hudson Line up to Dover Plains.


Here Hank is joined by Webmaster Peter O'Reilly (left) and Steve Weiss (right).

On the train, Hank confers with co-leader Pam Nelson. Note the beautiful new train car.


The ride pushes off through the town on Dover Plains. First up, Skiff Mountain, then Sharon Mountain, then finally, Bash Bish.

A blessed rest stop along the way.


Jud Hand, New Jersey resident, came out and enjoyed the ride.

On the way to the train station, a brief stop to pick up essential recovery drinks.


The ride back on an old train car—which actually offers more space than the new ones, much appreciated by weary cyclists. That’s all!