Cold Spring, etc.
STS Classic, April 19, 2003
Photos: Hank Schiffman
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Left to right: Frank Hacklander, John Zenkus, Carol Wood, Bill Greene, Ron Roth, Steve Weiss, Rich Ramon, Nate Smith, Eric, David Garcia, Peter Walker, Peter O'Reilly, Mattais Stadtfeld, Matt Crenson, Charles Weaver and Al Stern.


The two Peters and Charles chew the fat.



David Garcia adjusts his necktie while Peter Walker checks out his GQ technique.


Waiting for a bus named Ron Roth . . . .



Train crossing at Patterson: Yep, Ron pulled a Ronster and is on the other side of the iron horse.


After lunch at Pawling, contemplating Harmony and Bundy Hills to come.



After lunch at Pawling. Three former Sig-mates: Peter Walker, Rich Ramon and Ron Roth.


Rich and Ron with biker-chick, and the only one who can actually read a cue sheet, Carol Wood



Nate Smith contemplates what could possibly holding up the ride.