Sleepy Hollow, Croton Dam, Pine Bridges Road
Saturday, May 31, 2003
Photos: Timothy McCarthy
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Fred Steinberg had a South Mountain Road ride scheduled, yet with rain forecast he switched sides of the Hudson in order to have train bailout options. This made for a hillier ride on more beautiful roads. We had a group of seven.


Here's Lee Winter and Rich Ramon.



Fred kept us all in line.


Pam Nelson



Left to right: Pam Nelson, Lee Winter, David Spector, Fred Steinberg and is it an NYCC A-ride without Rich Ramon along?


We kept a brisk pace on lovely, rolling Westchester roads.



Ron Roth followed by Rich Ramon.


Ron Roth, again.



Pam Nelson happy she made it down the gravel road at Croton Dam. Is it a Fred Ride without some gnarly, unpaved section?